Louis Tomlinson boycott’s BBC after asking about the deaths of his mother and sister

The live TV interview is incredibly uncomfortable.
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Louis Tomlinson has ZERO time for anyone who crosses him, and that includes reporters.

WATCH: Louis Tomlinson awkward BBC interview

While appearing on a BBC morning show to talk about his new debut album Walls, the singer was bombarded with questions about the tragic deaths of his mother and sister.

Louis was bombarded with this question on live TV (Credit: BBC Breakfast)

While Louis was talking about his songwriting process, specifically how he writes from his own life experiences, he was asked, “Do you feel that at some stage that, ‘Oh, I’ve put too much of yourself in there,’ or is that part of helping you in writing that way, about the loss of your mother and your sister and other things?”

Louis lost his sister in March 2019 (Credit: Instagram)

Lous replied, “I think because of where I started my career on the X Factor and there’s always been a camera on me and I’ve always kind of given a lot of myself, It’s kind of all I’ve known in my career so I almost use that to my advantage, I’m brave enough to talk about these things.”

Louis lost his mother Johanna in December 2016 (Credit: Getty)

After the interview, Louis hopped on Twitter to explain how he would be boycotting the show. 

“Defo won’t be going on there again Haha! Love to all my fans for always having my back,” he tweeted.

Louis has boycott the show (Credit: Twitter)

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