Liam Payne Just Got A New Tattoo And Fans Think There’s A Secret Meaning Behind It

That sleeve sure is coming along Lord Payno!

Liam Payne has got new ink! WHAT A SHOCK… said no one ever 😂  But the One Direction‘s new tatt is obviously very important to him… and maybe for more than one reason!

Here’s Liam’s new ‘1993’ addition to his sleeve.

Liam was of course born in 1993 so that’s why it’s special BUT fans have a sneaky suspicion that it’s special for another reason. They’re guessing his debut solo album will be named ‘1993’ and that’s why he added a copyright symbol to the caption! 

Hmmm conspiracy, or legit? We know Liam is happy to mark special events in his life with tattoos, his next most-recent piece was Cheryl’s eye (who STILL has not given birth!)… could he also be commemorating his upcoming album? Watch this space…

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