Kylie Jenner Reveals The One Thing She Does For The Perfect Instagram Selfie

And it won't cost you a cent!

Kylie Jenner knows she’s got eyes on her. Love her or hate her, most of us are curious about what her game is (hello that’s why you clicked here!). We’re especially curious about how the reality star takes so many perfect selfies! Turns out she has one easy as trick you may have heard of: the golden hour.

Talking on her app about her key to a killer Instagram, Kylie thanked the “golden hour”. What is it you ask? Well it’s basically the time of day when the sun is level with your eyes (so early in the morning or before sunset). If you head outside at around 4.30pm, the shadows will be longer, the light softer and you’ll be lit up with a warm, pinky glow. #Genius

Big sis Khloe wasn’t as convinced though and asked her what else she did besides stand in the setting sunshine. Kylie also reaffirmed that you gotta rock your best side! She says, “You gotta know your angle! This is my angle – to the right. Now, hair behind your ears!”

Of course there is one little thing Kylie does that we can’t. Khloe asked who was taking the 500 practice selfies: “Boy you take a lot! Sh*t…who takes all those for you?'”, to which Kylie replied: “Victoria! She’s my Instagram manager.”

Ohhh we don’t have an Instagram manager (but mum, you do a really good job!). But the two free tips are still pretty solid so we’re off for a selfie run!

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