Kylie Jenner Just Addressed Her “Secret” On Snapchat And Fans Are Freaking Out


While fans are busy raging on Twitter over the disappointment that was the final Kardashian Christmas card that did not spill any pregnancy tea, Kylie Jenner has taken to Snapchat with a message about her “secret”.

You would have noticed that loads of celebs attended the Kardashian Christmas event from Real Housewives stars to singers like Christina Aguilera and of course loads of members of the Kar-Jenner clan (past and present), but no Kylie!

After noticing people’s shock that she didn’t attend the major occasion, Kylie appeared on sister Khloè Kardashian‘s Snapchat story to confirm that she was, in fact, there.

She was just… in hiding?

“Hi, Merry Christmas,” she says in the filtered snap.

Khloè then says: “Merry Christmas, everybody! My Christmas bunny! People think you weren’t there last night!”

“I waaaas,” Kylie responds before walking away and carefully concealing her bump.

Khloè (who has already confirmed her pregnancy like a good Kar-Jenner would) then ~teases~ us by calling her bb sis a “secret little bunny”.



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