Katy Perry Publicly Slammed Justin Bieber And The Internet Is ROASTING Her For It

"Glad that Justin doesn't need to drag other celebs to stay relevant".
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Yesterday, Katy Perry came under fire for the ~controversial~ topics she raised while hosting the VMAs from celebrity bbs to, erm, pee.

But it was a swipe at Justin Bieber that got peeps REALLY riled up.

Katy came on stage carrying a fake baby and joked about how *certain* celebs have babies to boost their social media presence.

“My management told me I should have a fake baby to increase the publicity and have more followers,” she joked.

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Then she went in for even more shade, saying that her fake baby “knows all the words to ‘Despacito’, unlike some other babies I know.”

Obvs referring to Justin who famously doesn’t know the lyrics to the catchy song he features on and fakes the words while performing it live.

Meanwhile, the internet is high-key LOSING IT over Katy’s drive-by shade of the Biebs.

(Credit: Twitter)

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