How To Read Girlfriend Now That Facebook Has Banned All Aussie News

Come back, we miss you 💖

Facebook may have cut the cameras dead-*ss on Australian news on their platform, but that won’t stop us from delivering the fun, entertaining and informative content you know and love on Girlfriend — or should we say Girlfriend 2.0.

On Thursday, the social media platform made the bold move to ban local news outlets and news coverage in Australia on the platform. Bizarrely, the range of pages that have been cut off include us, Harvey Norman, government health departments and even, 1800Respect. And, doing it today of all days — aka just as we’ve revealed our new glow up — we reckon it’s a bit rude but go off, we guess. 

So, now that Facebook is no longer sharing how you can access your teen news, here’s where you can find us and continue to read Girlfriend and be educated, entertained and informed.

Here’s How To Read Girlfriend Now That Facebook’s Banned News

Girlfriend‘s Homepage

If you want to stay up to date with all things Girlfriend, nothing is better than checking out our homepage — aka, where you’re reading this! Make sure to bookmark our page on your Google Chrome or preferred browser and check us out everyday for the latest news, interviews and gorg fashion and beauty trends. 

Follow us on the homepage: 

Girlfriend’s Instagram

Next to our homepage, our Instagram is our second home. Catch us sharing TikToks and Tweets that live in our brain’s rent-free, outfits from your fave beauty and style gurus, as well as all the latest content from the site.

Make sure to hit up the link in our bio to access our full range of stories, from exclusives with Netflix stars to fashion and beauty round-ups. Oh, and don’t forget to turn on our Instagram post notifications by tapping the bell in the top right-hand corner of our IG profile so you never miss a post — but you were on that already, right? 😉

Follow us on Instagram: @girlfriendmag

Girlfriend‘s Twitter

In tune with our new relaunched self, we’ve relaunched our Twitter, too! Come join us as we fan-girl over our favourite TV series, movies and music, put on our little Stan Twitter hat and go off on main🤳, retweet things that make us laugh and feel personally attacked, and share all the latest breaking news and informative content from the site. 

Follow us and our internal monologues on Twitter: @GirlfriendMAG

Girlfriend‘s TikTok

While we won’t be sharing the latest from the Girlfriend homepage on TikTok, catch us and your favourite local creators sharing tips, tricks and entertainment in bite-size, at times stylish, other times chaotic, form. 

Follow us on TikTok: @girlfriend_au

Girlfriend‘s Newsletter

If in 2021, you’re trying to use social media *less*, then don’t stress, we’re bringing back a newsletter to update you on all the best stories on Girlfriend each week. For now, watch this space. 

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