Here’s Why You NEED To Check Your Justin Bieber Tickets Before His Show Tomorrow

Is it too late now to say sorry?
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We’ve already been told to leave EXTRA early to avoid getting stuck in ~intense~ traffic and now there’s something else to be worried about before Justin Bieber‘s final Australian concert.

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If you didn’t buy tickets for JB’s Sydney show tomorrow through “official means,” there are reports that you could be turned away at the door!

Basically, Choice magazine put in a complaint against Viagogo and Ticketmaster (sites which many fans used to buy tickets after they sold out), reporting them to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for reselling tickets at ridiculously inflated prices.

“We found Ticketmaster Resale-listed VIP tickets to Justin Bieber’s concert at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane for $2,555, a 374 per cent mark-up on the face value of $539,” Choice spokesman Tom Godfrey said.

Now, there’s a chance that Beliebers who bought resale tickets *might* have had them cancelled so you better check them before you head to ANZ Stadium tomorrow night!

Choice is also reminding everyone that they’re protected by Australian Consumer Law, which “prohibits misleading and deceptive conduct,” so if you feel like you’ve been ripped off get in touch with them.

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