Hi, Meet Girlfriend 2.0

The old Girlfriend can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because she’s no longer relevant.

Good morning y’all, let’s talk real quick. We’ve had a bit of a makeover💄. 

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For more than 30 years, Girlfriend has informed, ✨entertained✨, and inspired generations of teens in Australia. But, in 2021, the world for teens has changed – so we’re changing as well. Today the tone is a bit different – it’s about inclusivity, celebrating people of varying gender identities, ethnicities, bodies and backgrounds.

While, yes, we do admit to being a bit wild online, our stanning of celebrities goes beyond whether we think they’re cute and dateable, we care about their values, too. And, when it comes to the very idea of “Girlfriend,” we know that being fun, cute and fem isn’t just reserved for people who were assigned female at birth, it’s for everyone.

As our phone’s screen time continues to tell us, we spend *a lot* of our lives on TikTok and Insta, digitally hooked to the latest dance, fashion and makeup trend and celebrity meme. 

That’s why today, we’re launching Girlfriend 2.0. We’re still the Girlfriend you know and love, just a bit different.

In 2021, we’re changing for the better.

We are still home to the latest in teen fashion and beauty, the hottest moments (upcoming and trending) in entertainment and pop culture, as well as much needed helpful advice on relationships, health and the big changes in your life. We’re shifting things a bit more locally, too, covering more of your fave Aussie teen icons, makeup gurus, style icons and role models, and spotlighting the local TikTokers and beauty gurus that inspire and entertain us each and every day. 

You might’ve noticed we’ve started on this, covering local legends like Abbie Chatfield, Alli Simpson, Nathalie Morris and Flex Mami, while still chatting to your fave Netflix stars like Lana Condor and Noah Centineo.

Oh, and fyi, old mate Dolly Doctor is officially coming back so you can ask those questions you really need answers to – from period pains to what you need to know before shaving, we’re bringing back the iconic sex-ed and health advice column and cleaning it up for today’s teen.

This brand refresh wouldn’t have been as fabulous the support of our commercial partners Pandora and John Frieda. Their support enabled us to rebrand not just in look and feel (which, ngl, is super cute) but also kick it all off with a video and photoshoot that represents the new step in our future—and, hopefully, yours, too.

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