Fans Just Pointed Out Kylie Jenner’s Hilariously Awkward Photoshop Fail

Kylie Jenner was just caught Photoshopping her latest selfie and fans are NOT holding back!
The reality star recently posted a #ad on Insta plugging Fashion Nova’s new matching grey crop jumper and track pants set and people quickly noticed something a bit off about the pic.

If you look closely, you’ll notice all the edges of her outfit are suspiciously curved or straight, particularly around her arms, butt and thighs. Not to mention that thigh gap… what the hell is going on there?! And because of the patterned rug in the background, the whole thing looks like some sort of optical illusion!
Of course, the comments section is already filled with people calling her out for heavily editing the pic:


“Badly edited around thigh gap 😴”


“Her thigh is photoshopped LMAOOO”

Still can’t see what everyone’s going on about? We’ll help you out…
(Credit: Instagram)

Um, yeah.

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