Fans Are Attacking Perrie Edwards Over Her ‘Disrespectful’ Instagram Post

HER latest Insta post is causing all sorts of drama!
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The Little Mix babe recently shared a pic of her grabbing a religious Indian statue’s breast and now she’s being dragged left, right and centre! 

“Devil eyes and boobies 👌🏻” she captioned the post, which is now going viral for all the wrong reasons. 
One fan who WENT IN on Pez had her lengthy comment deleted but she just posted it on Twitter, telling everyone that this isn’t the first time the singer has “disrespected” other cultures. And she brought receipts!
She wrote: “Perrie when are you going to educated yourself? This is so disrespectful to Indian culture and not only that but you post numerous of pics appropriating my native american culture and putting us down to be halloween costume and even went as far as using us as your main theme of your salute tour [sic].”
I am saddened and disgusted by your actions,” she continued. “I also want to point out when you and the rest of little mix used Mexican culture as an aesthetic for your brits performance last year [sic].”

“Please apologize because this is MAD ignorant.”


And others are NOT holding back telling Perrie how wrong it is. The comment section on the Insta post is blowing UP with fans calling Perrie out for “sexualising a religious statue” and for being “very offensive towards hindu people.”

“Look I love Perrie but seriously??” one fan wrote. “This offensive on many levels people saying it’s not ok to have this picture aren’t haters they know this is offensive.”

And it’s no different on Twitter…
Yikes! So far Perrie hasn’t responded to the backlash and the photo is still up but we’ll see…

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