Dove Cameron has made a really sad confession about her life

We're worried.

Dove Cameron is a hugely successful actress in Hollywood. Only recently has she recorded the last song for The Descendants 3, won a Daytime Emmy for her role on Liv & Maddie: Cali Style, and she’s been working on her new ABC show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

Go girl.

But the pressure is still so real, even when you’re that successful.

Just this week, one of her fans asked Dove on Twitter if she ever thinks about taking some time off from it all.

“All the time,” she responded. “I love what I do, but the celebrity culture overwhelms me and confuses me on a base level. Makes me sad, too.”

It all began after Dove tweeted about feeling so exhausted by the pressure of being perfect. “I feel myself swinging hard in the direction of nature, and far from the direction of perfection and high-gloss,” she wrote. “It’s like a disease, the thing we’re all doing. The perfect photo, the perfect body, the perfect perfect perfect. It’s poisonous. It’s void of nutrition. I feel the swing.”

A fan then responded, saying, “Not trying to be condescending, genuinely curious: celebrity is ALL about the gloss. You’re a literal visual icon to teenagers and meet most Western beauty standards. So. How do you combat that and exude ‘natural’ in a glossy industry?”

Dove replied, “Good question. I don’t know yet. I also don’t know if I want to share my personal journey with the world. As in; I’m completely unsure. I feel very seen lately, not in a good way. I’m in a transition. Because my mind is not ‘celebrity’, only my image. I need to prioritize my mind.”

Dove has previously opened up about her recovery from anorexia which she battled early in her career, as well as talking about the anxiety she deals with. 

If she has been doing some serious soul searching, then we hope she’s on a road to a happier lifestyle.

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