Danielle Bregoli Just Trashed Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Drake & More!

The 'Cash Me Ousside' girl also went in on the Kardashians... again!

Danielle Bregoli — AKA the ‘Cash Me Ousside’ girl — is back at it again with the shade and this time she’s dragging some of the BIGGEST celebs in the world!

First up, the infamous teen took aim at Justin Bieber. In a new interview with In Touch she called him out over those nude pics, saying, “He’s a basic little white boy. Like, who walks around naked? Come on now!”

Next, Danielle took yet another dig at the man who made her famous, Dr. Phil. “F**k him,” she said. “He just edits and crops and it makes it seem like he’s the good guy and we’re the bad guys. I don’t give a f**k what anybody has to say.”

The Beehive is about to start buzzing after Danielle also went in on Beyoncé! “I’m not a fan,” she dished. “I still f**k with some of her old songs, but like, she’s kind of too full of herself.” Interesting.

The viral star also put Drake in the same category as Bey. “I don’t like Drake anymore. I used to. He got too full of himself, also,” she explained. And his fellow rapper Kanye West? “If I had the choice to sit in [jail] or meet Kanye, I’d probably just sit in [jail].” WHOA.

Think she’s done? Nope, the shade fest isn’t over just yet.

After slamming Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian recently, the sassy teen had a go at more members of the famous Klan.

Apparently Danielle “loves” Blac Chyna but totally thinks she’s using Rob Kardashian, who she made a very nasty comment about. “No one can tell me she’s with that ugly mother f**ker for no reason,” she spilled. Harsh, much?!

And why not drag Kylie one more time?! “The guy who did my makeup yesterday tried to put it on me,” she said, talking about Kylizzle’s lip kit. “I threw it at him.”

Um, let’s just say Danielle’s list of celeb enemies is growing longer and longer every day. 

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