Tyler Posey just reunited with his ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne and we have questions!

Why is he shirtless in her Instagram Story? 👀

“What is going on here?!” That’s the question that everyone who watched Bella Thorne’s Instagram story featuring her ex-boyfriend Tyler Posey was probably asking. In case you missed it, the former Disney Channel actress and Teen Wolf alum just reunited—the couple split back in 2016. The link-up appears to have been pretty friendly too, despite the slightly messy way their relationship ended.

Thorne uploaded a series of Instagram Stories that showed Posey dancing shirtless, save for a bow-tie, while standing in what looks like a giant cake. There was also another of him playing the guitar and surrounded by balloons. What a cutie!

So what exactly is going with Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey anyway?

Well, based on her recent directorial efforts, we reckon it’s a music video of some sort! In a previous Instagram Story, Thorne posted from a car that she was on the way to “directing day two and Bens [sic] mad.” It’s a reference to her current boyfriend, singer Benjamin Mascolo, who might be… jealous of her hanging with Tyler?

From the looks of the shoot, the two seem very friendly and comfy, even with Thorne apparently directing his flirty shirtless scenes.

Tyler Posey shirtess Bella Thorne
Tyler Posey Bella Thorne

In case you missed it, Bella and Tyler dated briefly in 2016. “Ty and I stopped dating and that was really difficult for me. It was definitely one of the hardest breakups I’ve been through,” she explained, months later in 2017.

Recently, Thorne has come under fire for a “scam” that’s ruining the subscription-based site OnlyFans for sex workers, you can read more about that debacle here

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