A Shawn Mendes Documentary Is Coming To Netflix

And he and Camila Cabello look so cute in it.

Good news, Shawn Mendes fans. An official documentary film about everyone’s favourite singing heartthrob is coming to Netflix—and reaaal soon. As if we weren’t spoiled enough with him potentially collaborating with Justin Bieber on Miley Cyrus’s new album.

Shawn Mendes: In Wonder is a new Netflix documentary about the journey of 22-year-old singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes coming to the platform on the 23rd of November. The film follows the “Lost In Japan” singer, who first gained popularity sharing song covers on Vine, along his 104-show tour, which he obviously says was “pretty intense all the time.”

In the film he reflects on his childhood and the things in life that led him become the international sensation we know and love him for! Oh, and expect some adorable moments between Shawn Mendes and his girlfriend Camila Cabello, including a moment where he tells her, “every song I’ve written is about you.” 🥺

“You first get on the stage and ego comes rushing in,” Mendes said. “And it goes, ‘don’t mess up.’ And then it goes in for 30 seconds and you go, ‘oh, yeah, I’m just a guy and I love music.’”

“I used to be like, ‘my idols, they were born legendary.’ And, that’s just not the truth.”

You can watch the full trailer to Shawn Mendes: In Wonder below.

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