Sarah Hyland and her fiancé Wells Adams just celebrated their anniversary by voting

We love a politically enaged couple!

When it comes to dating and relationships, one deal-breaker can often be the subject of politics. Especially this year, there’s probably never been a time when someone being complacent or uninterested in the way politics shapes our lives could be a bigger turn-off. Lack of awareness or voter apathy is certainly not a problem for couple Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams, who recently celebrated their third anniversary. And how did they celebrate? By voting together in the 2020 presidential election.

Hyland revealed to People that she and her fiancé Adams commemorated their special day by voting—which everyone should be doing really!

“On our anniversary, we sat down … and had all of our ballots and research laid out before us,” the Modern Family star shared. “We filled out our ballots and walked our ballots over to the official dropoff box and triple-checked to make sure that it wasn’t one of the fake ones that are lying around California.”

“And then Wells cooked us dinner and we exchanged gifts and that was that.” Tbh, sounds ideal to us!

Hyland also took to her Instagram recently to directly encourage her followers to vote with a little black and white video. Wearing head-to-toe “VOTE” merch, Hyland struts through the street after leaving her house and walks to drop her ballot off. It’s set to Lizzo‘s upbeat song in which she sings repeatedly, “It’s time to vote.”

“Today I exercised my rights as an American citizen,” Hyland captioned her IG video, adding, “It was fun. It was easy! Remember that voting doesn’t start Nov 3rd, it ENDS Nov 3rd. Vote early if you can!!!”

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