Lily James was just spotted getting very cosy with her married co-star Dominic West

She's also recently been rumoured to be dating Chris Evans.

It looks like Lily James is moving on from her long-term relationship with Doctor Who star Matt Smith. Earlier this week, the Mamma Mia! and Cinderella star was spotted in Rome getting extremely cosy with the married, older actor Dominic West. The two are starring in a new series called The Pursuit Of Love that’s been filming this year but from the photos, it really looks like they might be more than just colleagues.

In the photos, which you can peep here, West appears to gently touch James’ face before a pretty passionate looking kiss. West was also notably not wearing his wedding ring, make of that what you will!

For his part, West had a very strange little photoshoot outside his house, where he kissed his wife, Irish landscape designer and aristocrat Catherine FitzGerald. West and FitzGerald have been married since 2010 and have four kids together. He also left a handwritten note outside in the bushes? “Our marriage is strong and we’re very much still together,” the married couples’ co-signed note read.

This may be the most awkward way to deny that any celebrity cheating is going down that we’ve ever seen… 

James, for her part, has yet to address the pictures or the incident. Her fans on the other hand are mostly making jokes about how her taste in men is embarrassing. She was also spotted on what looked like a few dates with Chris Evans earlier this year, if you missed it.


Meanwhile, others are pointing out the hypocrisy of people dogpiling her with hate online. It does take two to tango and West is the one who is married, after all.

What to make of all this? Uncertain. Perhaps West and FitzGerald have an open marriage? Either way, we’ll be please to see the 31-year-old James alongside a co-star closer to her own age in her upcoming flick with Harry Styles. The 50-year-old West has played her father, twice btw.

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