ABBA Just Released New Music And TikTok Is Already Obsessed

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Who knew it would take a Swedish pop band to save 2021?

Yeah, so as 70s culture continues to make a resurgence amongst Gen Z, ABBA have decided the time was right to release new music. All we can say is… take our money money money.

WATCH: Abba – Dancing Queen

It’s been a 40-year hiatus (One Direction, pleeeease don’t take notes), but ABBA’s Anni-Frid Lyngstad, 75, Agnetha Fältskog, 71, Björn Ulvaeus, 76, and Benny Andersson, 74, are back with two new singles. Mamma Mia… here we go again.

The tracks are named Don’t Shut Me Down and I Still Have Faith in You, and they are the first of 10 songs that are to appear on a new studio album and virtual concert, both entitled ABBA Voyage

We’ll be dancing one again, and the pain will end. (Credit: Getty)

The concert in question is to use motion capture technology to make the group appear younger, as though they are back in the 1970s. Fair call, considering 2021 isn’t all that great. 

In an interview with Variety, Benny explained that, although music has changed since their Dancing Queen days, the band is not trying to emulate modern day artists.

“We’re not competing with Drake and all these other guys,” Benny told the publication.

“We can’t, because I don’t understand the ingredients in the songs that work today, so it’s impossible to emulate. I don’t mind Drake, I just don’t know what modern pop artists are doing.”

All we can say is, we’re sure Kanye is absolutely sweating having released his new album in the same week as ABBA. Big mistake, my guy.

Despite the songs only having just hit ears, TikTok truly doesn’t miss a beat, with users already, dare we say it, ✨vibing ✨ to the new tunes. Take a look. 


Unfollow Me, This Is The Only Thing I’m Going To Tweet About For Months #ABBA

♬ I Still Have Faith In You – ABBA

Anyway, if you need us, we’ll be listening on repeat to the new tracks. We can’t wait for our Spotify Wrapped to be purely ABBA and nothing else 😌.

ABBA, thank you for the music 🙏.

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