Adele Has Officially Weighed In On Everyone Trashing Justin Bieber

"He’s only a kid, f**king hell."

Between some not-so-great reviews of his Melbourne show and being slammed for telling a fan she “made him sick,” Justin Bieber‘s getting dragged pretty hard while he’s in Australia. But Adele‘s not here for it.

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The singer loves a good mid-concert chat and at her show in Sydney on Friday, JB got a surprising mention.

According to, Adele asked the crowd at ANZ Stadium if anyone is going to Justin’s concert on Wednesday, which is at the same venue.

Apparently people started booing but she quickly came to his defence.

“He’s only a kid, f**king hell. I can’t say you’d do much better if you were famous at 12 years old, shut up,” Adele said.

“I don’t know him, I just feel bad for him most of the time, because everyone boos him.”

Who knew Adele was a Belieber?!

But good on her. Yeah, he doesn’t always go about things the right way but give him a break, geez!

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