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Face Your Exams Worry Free!

There's no need to freak out with these simple tips...
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Summer’s coming and so are long days at the beach with your friends! But before we get to that sweet, sweet time of year, there’s one last hurdle – end-of-year exams. If your upcoming exams have got you freeeaaaking out, here are some tips to help you study like a pro, so you can take on those exams with confidence: 


A clear desk = a clear mind. Researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found when your study area is full of clutter it makes it harder for you to focus. So set yourself up for study victory and get on top of that mess! 


Taking regular breaks while studying can help keep you motivated. Try taking 10 minutes off for every 50 minutes of study, with longer breaks every few hours. During your breaks, do something active – like dancing to your fave song, or try relaxing. 


Doing a practise test under exam conditions (you could ask your teacher for a paper from a previous year) so you can work out what areas you need to focus on can be a huge help. Talk to your friends and ask your teacher questions until you feel you’re ready for the real deal. Good luck!

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