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Deal With Friend Dramas Worry Free!

Friendships have their ups and downs, here's how to fix them!
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Summer is the best time to relax and hang with your friends. The odd issue is bound to come up, so here’s how to deal with (and diffuse) the drama:

Your BFFs are feuding
It’s tough to be in the middle of a bestie blow-up, but you can ride it out without becoming collateral damage. Stay neutral. Try to defuse the craziness by being a good listener, but don’t offer your own opinion on who’s at fault. Instead, try to help your friends solve the issue and talk it out themselves. 

BFF has blown you off
If she’s bailed at the last minute and it’s not her usual thing, just let it go. But if she’s doing it on the reg, maybe it’s time to have a chat about how friends can count on each another to be there. She might just need a gentle reminder. 

Never too late to say sorry
Every friendship has its ups and downs, and when times get tough, ‘sorry’ can be a hard word to say. Apologising shows you care enough about your friend to try to put things right. Even if you’re feeling hurt yourself, it’s a big step toward fixing what went wrong. Before you start, first think about what you want to say. Tell her what you feel was your part of the problem and why you are sorry, without ‘buts’ or conditions, or your apology could come across as insincere.

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