Why More Women Should Be Talking About Their Period

Why is it kept so secret?
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Let’s not pretend getting your period is a fun thing. It can actually be pretty horrible BUT it is one of the most natural things in the world for women… so why is it kept so secret? YouTuber/Instagram babe Jess Bauer has teamed up with organic tampon brand Cottons to start encouraging women to have conversations around the crimson tide.
Bauer explains that she was excited to be involved with a brand that was breaking down barriers and she hopes to start an open and frank discussion: “I never really understood why some women were so hush-hush about their periods or why most brands steer away from the reality of what it’s like.”

Jess went on to explain that it’s for a good reason: “Your first period can be scary and emotional. The ones after that can often be awkward, embarrassing and just downright funny. I think it’s great to break down the barrier of talking about periods because it is really only natural!”

Jess is even sharing her own stories, including how she ALWAYS tells her fiancé Gabriel Conte when it’s that time of the month:
Oh, and she’s not shy to tell her friends either! In fact, they love it: “My girlfriends and I now laugh at ourselves and openly talk about the silly stories that we’ve all experienced at one point, these stories and feelings are normal and I think they should be treated that way.” Bauer said.

Cottons is the ideal fit for this new ‘natural’ message, since they were the first in Australia to develop 100% cotton tampons after noticing a gap in the market for chemical free, natural choices. 

Here’s to more honest conversations about period cramps and the best movies to cry to!

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