How To Not Feel The Worst When You’re The Third Wheel

Yep, it's actually possible!

You know the drill – one minute it’s just you and your bestie, having all the good time hangs and spending every second together. Then suddenly old mate Tom from her tutoring class is on the scene – and they’re inseparable.

It might seem like the only option is to face lots of lonely nights in front of Teen Wolf – but being the third wheel to your besties relationship doesn’t have to make you feel crap. Yup, there’s totally ways to make this sitch work!



You’re bound to feel like the outsider if you keep your distance from your besties boy. Next time you’re all hanging out, ask him questions about his day, or make a joke about something with him.

Over time, you’ll develop a friendship with him as well, making group hangs less you and them and more of a “three friends” sitch.


The beach? YES. Moonlight cinema? Not so much. You’ll feel way less awkward doing something with your friend and her bf if it’s not like something straight out of a romance drama. If you do end up on a date night-esque event, mention to your friend beforehand that you’re feeling a bit awk, so she knows not to be overly affectionate with her bf and make it wierd. 


“Ewww can you not?” is a great way to break up a sudden makeout sesh, as long as you make it light-hearted and LOL, not angry. Don’t take them being all over each other too personally – sometimes people get caught up in a moment! Making a joke when things get awkwardly heated is the perf way to bring it back to normal.



Suggest that your besties guy bring his own best friend along sometimes. That way, the guys will likely pair off a bit, leaving you with some qual girl time – plus, it’s a cool way to meet new dudes, and make friends – or boyfriends!


 If it’s just been wayyy too much trio time for your liking, def say something. Just let her know that you think her boyfriend is cool, and you’re happy to spend time with them together, but that you also love just hanging out with just her sometimes. Loved up peeps kinda forget there’s a world outside their bf sometimes, but if she’s your bestie she will quickly realize you haven’t had much time together lately and make the effort to change that!

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