What’s That Stuff In My Undies?

Is this normal?
Michelle Tan / Girlfriend


✱ It’s normal if… it’s clear, cloudy white, or yellowish when dried. The amount of discharge varies from girl to girl – some will experience it all month long, while for others it will come and go (FYI this is genetic, so talk to Mum about her experiences) – but you’ll probably get more discharge in the middle of your menstruation cycle, when ovulation occurs.

✱ You might have a problem if… it’s increased noticeably in amount, it’s white and clumpy like cottage cheese, or it’s grey, yellow or greenish with a foul smell. Any changes in colour, consistency or smell could be a warning sign that something is up. If your discharge is whiter or thicker than usual and smells funny, it might mean you have thrush. Plus, if you’ve had unprotected sex (BTW, you should never ever do this), then the changes could be a symptom of an STI, so it’s a must to see your GP and get it checked out.

Disclaimer: The information on this page was provided by Dr Sally Cockburn but it is not meant to replace a visit to the GP. It’s general in nature and does not constitute individual advice. Make sure you see your own doctor if you are concerned about your body or your health in any way.

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