What Your Favourite Part Of Christmas Says About You


There literally is not a bad thing about Christmas. It’s all good BUT everyone has a Chrissy obsession, and yours says a lot about you…

The Food

Ham, seafood, Grandma’s trifle, candy canes, a cheese platter the size of Kylie Jenner’s closet? #HEAVEN You’re into indulging and that carries over into other areas of your life. You want the good things, you want lots of them and you’re ambitious (third helpings is totally a thing). 

The Family

Christmas day is all about the family vibes. Spending time with your loved ones makes you ~muy~ grateful because you’re an old soul. You’re caring, like to make others happy and don’t mind taking a back seat in conversations. 

The Presents

If Christmas was a country, it’s currency would be gifts, and that’s definitely your fave thing. This says you’re not shy, you’re motivated and you know what you want. Whether you’re tearing through that paper or handing someone a carefully wrapped pressie – you’re taking charge. You’ll probably be Prime Minister one day.

The Decorations

The lights, the tinsel, the glitz, the glamour! Your love of the Xmas trimmings says you’re into looking good, and dayum do you ever!  You like to be the center of attention and you’re usually the first to know what the next big thing is (you were probably rocking the half bun way back in 2014). 

The Holidays

It’s not really about the actual day for you, you’re just happy to be free from school. This says you’re a laid-back soul who can see the bigger picture and doesn’t get caught up in the hype of things. You’re never caught up in the pre-exam stress and chilling is your middle name. 

The Sales

Sure, Christmas is great but spending that gift money on some serious bargains is what you’re all about! This says you’re someone who wants things to last. Riding that Christmas wave for as long as possible gives you more memories to hold onto (as well as more clothes) and you’re actually more sentimental then you let on. 

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