Move over Dalgona coffee, TikTok’s new favourite drink trend is Hot Chocolate Bombs

These are next level! Here's how to make them...

Was there any TikTok food trend quite as massive as the frothy-foamy Dalgona coffee? It’s hard to imagine anything could top the aesthetically pleasing riff on instant coffee that took the internet by storm earlier this year. Well, a new challenger has arrived just in time for the indulgent holiday season: Hot Chocolate Bombs. The new TikTok trend of hot chocolate bombsalso sometimes called hot cocoa bombsis essentially a fancy take on the classic hot chocolate drink. A sphere of solid chocolate melts as hot milk is poured over it, releasing hot chocolate mix and marshmallows.

It kind of looks like a bath bomb as it dissolvesand some are even decorated with a dusting of Graham cracker dust or edible glitter. This isn’t your standard glass of cold milo! Before we get to how to actually make these treats, check out some of the incredible hot cocoa bomb creations TikTok users are making below.

Hot Cocoa Bombs on TikTok:

How To Make Hot Chocolate Bombs

Despite what you might think, making a hot chocolate bomb isn’t too difficult—but you will need a spherical silicone mold to create the bomb’s chocolate shell.

What you need:

  • Compound or cooking chocolate
  • Graham crackers (or whatever else you want to decorate the bomb with)
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Mini marshmallows

First things first, the chocolate ball. Melt your chocolate and coat the insides of the silicone mold to create two separate halves. You might need to do a couple of coats of chocolate to make sure the shell is thick enough.

From there, take the shells out of their molds once they’re completely hard and set. Fill one half with your hot chocolate mix and marshmallows. Then, gently heat the edge of the other shell and press them together to seal the chocolate bomb with the mix and marshmallows inside. You can sprinkle some crushed up Graham cracker dust on to decorate, though we also reckon it’s pretty neat just on its own.

Now, you *can* also just buy these cute little hot chocolate bombs from the store, but where’s the fun in that? Plus, by making your own you, can get super creative with what you put inside! Maybe a cinnamon and vanilla flavour one? Or go spicy and make a Mexican hot chocolate version?

The world is your hot chocolate bomb.

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