This Woman Had The Perfect Response After Being Bullied In A Victoria’s Secret Store

Claims that she was made fun of in one of their stores.
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Abbie Walsh-Greenfield just served up a masterclass in dealing with bullies, sharing an open letter to Victoria’s Secret after she claims she was made fun of in one of their stores.

Wales Online
 reports that Abbie shared the letter on her blog, after a visit to the Cardiff branch in Wales.
“Stores like this don’t intimidate me,” she wrote. “Walking around this store is the same as walking around the next.”

“I didn’t feel uncomfortable by the lack of XL’s (I actually don’t believe that I saw one in that size, anyway), nor by the 5 X-Smalls, 4 Smalls, 2 Medium, 1 Large and 0 X-Large ratio that seemed to be a common theme on the rails around the store. It wasn’t even that, that had bothered me.”

The lack of sizing options was not what hurt Abbie, it was an employee who asked if she was “aware of the sizing in this store?” when she picked up a pair of pink shorts.

“I know I am not a small person and I think that is why she said it,” Abbie continues. “I was going to go back and complain but I did not want to put myself in that store.”

Abbie explains she left the store, before heading to Ann Summers where she dropped her money on clothing with the help of kind shop assistants.

Snaps to Abbie for her poised reaction! It’s so upsetting to see brands or their employees treating ANYONE in this negative way.

At the end of the day it is VS’ loss, but it’s not okay to see the hurtful impact this kind of behaviour can have on shoppers.

The brand released a statement about the rude comment, saying: “Victoria’s Secret expects that all customers be treated with respect. We are reaching out to the customer and will take the appropriate actions as we’re committed to ensuring that everyone feels welcome in our stores.”

We’re happy to see they are taking positive steps to fix the situation!

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