The Sneaky Instagram Hacks To Get More Likes You Wish You Knew

It's time to step up your Instagram game
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In a world where people staaalk you like nobody’s biz based on your Instagram and it’s all about how many followers you have, getting more of them without being a weirdo and buying them (seriously, guys 😳) is life. 

Sure, you can post cute captions, pose in cool situations and stalk the heck outta the Kardashians and Jenners to make your ‘Gram pop, but in all T, the reality comes down to some basic Gramming skills. 
Instagram has more filters than you think – so use them!
Sure ‘Valencia’ might do the trick, but don’t forget there are over 40 filters to choose from to make your pics slay, so feel free to venture! 

You can be a ‘featured user’!
Try the Weekend Hashtag Project, each week they ask IG users to post pics of their weekend based around the theme. Use the hashtag they create and you could be featured on their page! #Famous

Videos now go for a minute
If Kylie Jenner can, so can you! 💅

Instagram has multi-video clip editing.

Girls, get on using Instagram’s In-app video editing software to merge videos together for your Instagram story!

See how many people watch your videos
See how many people are creeping on your posts and not leaving a like or a comment.  A new feature released earlier in 2016  allows you to see view counts for every video you post on the app. 

You can add emojis to your hashtags
Time to hashtag your emojis! Woo hoo! You can search them as you would any other hashtag on the app.

Instagram has even more video editing apps you should utilise
If you’ve been sticking to just posting photos or single video clips, it’s time to step up your Instagram game. IG has two apps, Boomerang and Hyperlapse, that mix it up. just like Karlie Kloss. 

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