The Best Filter For Getting Instagram Likes According To Science

It's universally flattering for a selfie
Getty Images
Let’s be honest, it feels pretty damn good when your Instagram explodes after you post a pic, and there’s nothing wrong with having a humble brag and chasing those likes. Thanks to science we now know the easiest way to get there!

Design start-up Canva has done a HUGE study where they looked at the most popular hashtags (#fashion, #food, #selfie and #nature) from around the world, then compared this with the Instagram filters used on them, to come up with the winning formula to make this happen:
Clarendon is officially the most used filter worldwide. Probably because it’s second on the list and we get lazy, but it’s more likely because it’s universally flattering for a selfie. After that though, Insta users branched out and started using Juno, Valencia or Gingham.

BUT what the study really found was that NO FILTER is the best filter #FilterInception. Apparently tagging #NoFilter is the best way to get likes coz people just want to love you as you are! Isn’t that nice?

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