Sweaty? Here’s How To Deal With It For Good

Here's how to deal...
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Do you know what puberty, the gym and a hot day have in common? Sweat! And it sucks. 

As thankful as we are, sure, for our body’s ability to regulate its own heat, it still ain’t fun when you’re trying to remain composed on a date, prepare yourself to give a presentation or just not ruin all the clothes in your wardrobe, right? 

Here’s how to deal…
1. Get your mits on some thin threads

Clothes are meant to keep us warm, protected and not naked throughout our lives, but they don’t do too well for keeping the body well-ventilated, hey? Try opting for thinner, more breathable fabrics to keep your pits and other bits nice and breezy. 
2. Deodorise!

Most people apply their deodorant every morning, which sure is a good quick fix for the time, but it only ever masks the sweat and doesn’t deal with it. Just remember to carry it with you all the time!
3. Watch your hydration levels

In general, your body sweats out about 10% of the water you intake, which is quite a lot. It’s important to keep to the recommended 8 glasses of water per day, depending on how much you exercise, but remember if you drink too much water, it might increase your sweat rate. 
4. Powdered what?!

You know that baby powder that mothers put on baby’s bums? Haha yeah that. That can sometimes at very least give you the sensation of dryness, but it’s only topical, so prob not gonna have that much of an affect on the situation. 
5. Medical options?

Yeah there are medical options to deal with the sweats, but these come from a doctor. Pills can sometimes dry out the mouth, but anything with aluminium chloride is good for under the arms. Just don’t use it on other parts of the bod coz it can dry out skin! Best to check with the doc on your options. 
What’s ‘hyperhidrosis’?

Hyperhidrosis is when sweating is to the point that it negatively impacts your life and requires treatment. Doctors can prescribe things like botox or medicine to sort this out for you.

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