iOS is getting over 200 more emojis for your TikTok and DM Sliding pleasure

Featuring 200 different skin toned variations!!!

Good news everyone! If you’ve been struggling to really express yourself using the  current emoji keyboard’s limited skin tone range or trying to describe the chaotic year that is 2020, then the emoji Gods have you covered. iOS is finally about to get a variety of different skin tones and interracial versions of some of your fave two-person emojis!

According to a blogpost on The Unicode Consortium, a wave of new emojis are coming in an Emoji 13.1 update. Specifically, 210 variations of pre-existing emojis in different skin tones (we love representation), including representing minority and interracial couples, and seven brand new emojis that reflect the seven stages of 2020. 

First, we have the Heart on Fire, a reference to the impending doom of global warming and how the world is on fire. Then, for those of us who’ve undergone some heavy romantic changes in our lives thanks to the COVID-10 pandemic, or even just need a hug, a Mending Heart. 

When things get a bit overwhelming, you might find yourself using a Face Exhaling emoji, or wanting to exit this timeline and be nothing but a Face in the Clouds, when in reality you’ve been in isolation for so long you’ve become a Woman or Person with Beard or simply, the Face with Spiral Eyes. 

New Emoji

It’s all a little too real, let’s be honest. We’ve been in a perpetual state of Heart on Fire and Face in Clouds. Nevertheless, at least the interracial couples emojis are irresistibly cute. 

Emoji couples

These new emojis are said to arrive at sometime in 2021, after the Emoji 13.0 update, which includes transgender-friendly emojis, the “Italian hand” and more, releases later this year.

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