Guys Science Says Instagramming Your Food Makes It Taste Better!

Tasty, tastyyyy.
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If you’re one of those people who legit can-NOT go a meal, cook-up, brekkie, lunch, dinner or snack without pointing your phone at it to take a happy snap, then your reason for being *that* person is about to get THAT much stronger. 
BEHOLD! The science behind the fact that taking pictures of your food and sharing it with people who’s love for it is just as great as yours – or follow you regardless coz you’re their friend – is now legit. Not just coz there’s a new filter you have to try out, but because there are a bunch of men in white coats who have said so. Thanks, guys! 

A study in the Journal of Consumer Marketing found that by taking and uploading pics, it creates a delay in consumption, which “increases the savouring associated with consumption of pleasurable (i.e. indulgent) foods.” So you basically get all G’d up to shove the plate of whatever down your throat before you actually do, so it’s that much more delish. Nice one, brain.
And you know how everyone’s all about this healthy and clean-eating thing these days? Well, they had something to say on that too, that “when descriptive social norms regarding healthy eating are made salient, [the computer generated images] can also lead to more favourable outcomes for less pleasurable (i.e. healthy) foods.” Basically, suggestion works wonders and makes you crave those foods, too. Clever, right?

So, time to get ‘Gramming, all! 

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