Girlstrology Horoscopes: March 13 – 19

Find out what the stars have in store for you...


Genius incoming! You’re never at a loss for original ideas, but this week your brilliance will be next level. Keep your phone or notebook close at hand so you don’t lose a single one of those gems. Some of them might not make sense straight away, but record them for future reference. You never know when you’ll need it… 


Having trouble finding the off switch for all those racing, anxious thoughts? This week is the ideal time to start a meditation practice to try and bust those ‘monkey mind’ habits. It’s a week of healing for Bulls, this focused down-time might accelerate breakthroughs in emotional troubles you’ve struggled to put to bed. Excavate those buried emotions fearlessly! 


This week your actions (or lack of) could rile up some competition. You’ve certainly earned your bragging rights, Gemini, but insecure people could mistake your flaunting for an ego trip. Like crabs in a barrel, these unhappy folks will try to pull down anyone who rises higher than them. Share selectively—and be sensitive to the space that people are in financially and emotionally before you unleash.


This week brings a reality check for some of your loftier plans. This doesn’t have to be a buzzkill! Instead of fretting over how much a plan will cost or the amount of time involved, take time to map it all out on paper. Keeping up with the Joneses just detours you from YOUR true path. If you’ve lost sight of your original intention, pressing pause to re-centre yourself would be a wise move. Don’t worry: Once you’re back in tune with yourself, you’ll swiftly make up for lost time.


You’ll probably end up in a few “open mouth, insert statement Converse” moments this week. Be your passionate self by all means, just try to imagine what effect it’ll have on your audience. Wait a beat before you fire off a retort, because it’s easy to rush to conclusions or drown out the point the other party is trying to make. If you don’t understand, ask questions!


Easy with the tough love this week, Virgo. You want the best for the people in your life—and when you see a red flag, you are quick to sound the alarm. But your advice could come off as preachy. Instead of firing off feedback, allow yourself to sit back. You may be pleased to discover that your loved ones are already engaging in savvy solutions. 


Take off the rose-colored glasses! Focusing on the positive (at the expense of inspecting for flaws in the foundation) could be akin to forcing a situation that isn’t actually meant to be. If one of your desires isn’t happening easily, pay attention to the roadblocks. While it’s frustrating to hit a wall, map out an alternate road. This so-called detour may actually be a much more fulfilling path.


Be mindful of how you’re presenting in the public eye in the next 7 days. You’re integrity is usually at the next level, but sometimes it slips! You might get lured by a shady deal, or worse, resort to sneaky tactics under the guise of being “strategic.” Cutting corners could come back to haunt you this week, so keep all your dealings on the up and up. If you have to stoop to THAT level just to keep something in place, it probably isn’t meant to be yours.


Don’t confuse facts with feelings! The worst thing you can do this week is make an irreparable decision when you’re upset, heated, or even under the rosy spell of a new friendship or romance. Type out that fiery DM, but don’t hit send. And don’t say yes to anything without a reflective cool down break!


Have you been butting heads with a close friend or relative? This could be the weekend where you finally hug it out, or at least declare a cease fire as you start to see things from a calmer perspective. When little irritations come up, don’t snap at people—but don’t sweep them under the rug. If these are repeat “offences” they need to be hashed out…. calmly!


Have you been quietly crushing on someone in the friend zone? This week could bring some line-blurring developments. Advance carefully, especially if this pal is in the process of a breakup, staying in the compassionate supporter role would be a better play—if only for the sake of your serenity!


Just as you were gathering momentum, a so-called authority figure could throw a roadblock in your path. Don’t just keep forging ahead, Pisces. You’ll only wind up spinning your wheels and getting stuck in a rut. As much as your pride hates the thought of this, find out what this person’s objections actually are. They may have the wrong idea about your motives; but there’s also a chance that this guidance could come in handy.

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