Attention Pisces — This is your WEEK!

Your horoscope? Non-stop slaying
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It ain’t always easy being a Pisces (coming from an Aquarius with a STRONG Pisces moon sign)

If you happen to be of this star sign, you probably feel things deeply—not just your own emotions, but everyone else’s too.

People often underestimate this zodiac, as being just the soft and sensitive crying in the background.

But now. Pisces? It’s YOUR time to shine. Because according to Teen Vogue’s horoscope expert Lisa Stardust, this is your week.

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According to your horoscope, this week, “You are reclaiming your authority, power, and knowledge by showing the world your truest self. You are a force to be reckoned with, an intuitive and insightful soul who now is able to speak up and show others who’s the boss.”

So, if there’s a cause you’ve been wanting to stand up for an idea you want to put out there, now is the time to do it!

Lisa advises that you use those traits you might see as weaknesses as your superpower as you get your voice out there.

“Embrace your inner diva and show off your deep intellectual side.,” she says. “You’ll be surprised to see how many of your friends will applaud your fierce new attitude. But, hey, they adore your spunky personality. You’ve got what old-time Hollywood called gumption and you’re not afraid to use your dynamic inner magic.”

Love that for you, you wonderful ocean-dwelling goddess!

As for the other star signs, you can channel some of that awesome Pisces energy, too.

Lisa says it’s the perfect time to put some of our deepest feelings out there, or to pursue your passions—whether that’s a love interest or a new project.

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