Are You Suffering From BBS?

Bad Boy Syndrome is LEGIT!

If you’re the kinda girl who lusts over bad boys who are unpredictable, unreliable and downright bad, you might be suffering from this legit serious problem. Without warning you might be excitingly taking a skydive with strapped to your back, or the next moment crying over your Weet Bix once he’s dumped you all of a sudden. Beware!

What’s the fascination?

Motives behind dating bad boys can vary from wanting to be considered cool by association to wanting to be rebellious like them. Relationship expert Samantha Brett explains that girls are fascinated by the not-so-nice guy because they have the ability to make us feel like we’re the most beautiful girl in the world. She says that their charm and bad boy style is enough to get us hooked in early on and once we’re hooked, it brings about a feeling as though we’re walking on the wild side. 

Red alert!

According to Samantha, bad boys are easy to spot, so here’s what to look-out for:

1. He doesn’t call you when he tells you he will
2. He has a tonne of girls constantly around him
3. He always talks about other girls to you
4. He treats you like you’re not a priority
5. He’s cagey about his text messages, emails and phone calls
6. He is usually the ‘alpha male’ and the leader of the pack

Doing it for the thrill. 

Thinking a bad boy is easy to change is the first mistake girls make when they’re falling for Mr. Super Bad. Samantha says that this is definitely true for most girls. We want to be the one to change the bad boy into a nice guy. It’s never really possible, but we still try and we get disappointed every time.

Blame TV. 

Pop culture and our fave TV shows like Pretty Little Liars and Scream Queens have an amazing way of feeding our infatuation with bad boys. Almost every rom com or TV series has a token bad boy written into the script for us girls to lust after. And it works. This movie/TV show staple shows that there is a definite link between the characters girls lust after in pop culture and the boys they like in reality. It also gives us false ideas

like bad boys who change for the girl so we have false expectations. Sadly though, nice guys are perceived as being more boring than bad boys as they don’t give the viewers the same spark as bad boys. Tough life! 

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