Apparently There Are Only 7 Types Of Boobs In The World

You should be proud to have ones that are unique to you!
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There are SO many kinds of boobs in the world. Big ones, little ones, asymmetric ones and everything in-between. There’s a lingerie company called Third Love who’ve managed to develop a *pretty* handy guide to the 7 types of boobs that are out there, finally defining what we as women know and love all too well! 

Defs bear in mind, though, that everyone’s lady lumps are as unique as your other private parts, finger prints, eye colour and hair style! These are drawings and definitely NOT an accurate representation of what most people’s boobs are like in size, colour, specific shape or appearance and you should be proud to have ones that are unique to you! 😄

1. Round 

These ones are equally as full at the top as they are at the bottom.
2. East-West

Nipples are pointing outwards.
3. Side Set

Breasts with a wide space between them.
4. Asymmetric

One breast is larger than the other.
5. Bell Shape

The breast is slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom.
6. Slender

Thin breasts with nipples pointing downward.
7. Tear Drop

These ones are round, but slightly less full at the top.

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