After Reading This You’ll Never Take Your Phone Into The Bathroom Again

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Let’s be honest, our phones come with us everywhere – including into the bathroom.

If you like to scroll through your feed while tending to your personal bathroom business you’ll want to stop immediately after reading this.

Ph.D professor of microbiology, Charles Gerba, and associate professor of environment health at the University of Arizona, Kelly Reynolds say it’s one of the most dangerous things you can do for your health.

According to these two experts, bathrooms are crawling with bacteria that comes from our intestinal tracts.

How does it get everywhere? When you flush the toilet, the turbulence from the water can spread tiny vapour drops of faecal matter and urine metres around – including onto your phone.

It’s not normally a problem if you take the time to wash your hands properly – but it’s not recommended to wash your phone at the same time!


The take away? Leave your phone somewhere clean, and flush the loo with the lid down.

This article originally appeared on That’s Life

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