6 Signs A Girl Is Sexually Aroused

Here's the sitch...
Yep, this happens! You get older, you dig boys or girls, you wanna touch each other at some point and things start to happen. It’s good to know what’s up before it surprises you and you’re all like ‘WOAH what’s going on?!’.
Not all the signs are related to ‘down there’…

✱ Your heart rate increases and breathing becomes heavier

✱ Your body temperature rises and things start to become ‘heated’

✱ Your vagina becomes what we call “wet”, as the natural amount of lubrication increases dramatically to make things ‘easier’

✱ The external genitals, including the clitoris and labia, become engorged… *kinda* but not really like a boy’s erection

✱ The vagina expands and lengthens as the uterus is pulled upwards, in a process called “vaginal tenting”

✱ The skin around the genitals reddens or darkens and the upper body may become flushed. 

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