Zayn Just Proved He’s The Most Supportive Boyfriend To Gigi Hadid Ever

In a very public way.
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ICYMI, Gigi Hadid is leading the charge at Tommy Hilfiger with her own collection (Tommy X Gigi) and it’s going CRAY. The outfits are some of this seasons must-haves items and no one is a bigger fan than her main man Zayn Malik, who has proven how supportive he is in a v. public way. 
Zayn and Gigi stepped out in matching Tommy outfits in Paris yesterday and it’s honestly too freakin’ cute. Braving the cold weather, Zigi coordinated with a blue oversized jumper and a sporty red sweater, both with Tommy Hilfiger logos up front. 
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Apparently Zayn’s passion for Gigi’s project isn’t limited to donning the outfits. Word is he’s been sending her cute texts of encouragement before her launch shows and praising her work whenever he can.

Where do we get a boyfriend willing to dress in our (fictional) clothing line and do some sweet matchy-matchy coordinating?!

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