You Won’t Believe What Colin Creevey From Harry Potter Looks Like Now

Creev-dog for the win!
Warner Bros.
Remember this guy? Yup, it’s Hugh Mitchell. The actor who played ~muy~ cute, kinda geeky Colin Creevey. You know, Harry Potter’s biggest fan/semi-stalker? 
Back in the day he was a bit of a pest and wouldn’t stop following Haz around with his camera, while also delivering alllll the lols pulling epic faces like this:
Anyways, he eventually met his demise when he was murdered by the Death Eaters in the last HP movie (that’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 for those playing along at home). Since then he’s sorta dropped off our radar.

Weeeelllll we happened to stumble across his Twitter recently and legit lost our minds when we saw how much he’d changed. SPOILER ALERT: He got hot.
Turns out he’s also a contemporary music composer and super skilled drummer too. Much blonde, very talent.

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