You NEED To See What The Mathlete Girl From ‘Mean Girls’ Looks Like Now

You won't even recognise her.
Paramount Pictures
We love a good ‘then & now’ here at GFHQ and the latest offering comes to us courtesy of one of our favourite movies of ALL TIME… Mean Girls!

We already know where the main stars ended up but have you ever wondered what happened to Caroline Krafft? She only made a brief appearance but it was a super memorable one!
(Credit: Paramount Pictures)
As you would already know, Caroline (played by Clare Preuss) went head-to-head with Cady Heron after she joined the Mathletes in the state championship finals. And of course Cady won the final tie-breaker question in yet another quotable scene…
Aaaaaanyway, we’ll always remember her ~unique~ look in Mean Girls but IRL, Clare couldn’t be further from Caroline!
And this is Clare today…
Yep, regulation hottie! Clare starred in The Prince and Me the same year as Mean Girls but took a bit of an acting break after that and actually studied at the University of Alberta. She even lives in Toronto, where MG was filmed!

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