You NEED To See What Peter From The Chronicles of Narnia Looks Like Now

Total babe alert!
It’s been a massive ten years since The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was released and William Moseley entered our hearts. Will, who played eldest sibling Peter Pevensie, was our childhood crush. He continued to become more crush-worthy throughout The Chronicles of Narnia series, and you have to see what he looks like today…

William was only 15 when he started filming the Narnia series, and he was gorgeous then, but the now 28-year-old is SMOKING HOT!!!
(Credit: Getty Images)
William is still gracing our screens with those baby blues on TV show The Royals, where he just so happens to play a prince! A prince that likes to take his shirt off, so that’s nice. 
(Credit: Getty Images)

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