Want To Know How Much Money Zoella Makes In A Month?

Take a guess...
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If you’ve ever wanted proof that hard work really does pay off, look no further than uber famous YouTuber Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella. The brunette Brit has a killer YouTube empire, a beauty range, a blog and several books… so she’s busy ya know? The Sunday Times decided to sit down and do some sums to figure out how much she roughly makes in a month…

Turns out it’s pretty easy to find out a celebs net worth if you know how much each of their projects makes. Drum roll please, here is Zoe’s despite the fact it’s nobody’s business! All the work behind the screen and in front of the screen earns Zoella approx. £50,000 a month, which is a casual $95,000 in AUD!!!
Crazy huh? Zoe works SO FREAKIN’ HARD so we think she totally deserves it! Plus, she says inspiring stuff like this that makes our hearts warm:

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