Twitter just introduced its own version of IG Stories

Meet Fleets.

Earlier this year, Instagram gave us their answer to TikTok—Reels. And, as of this week, Twitter has released their own version of Instagram’s IG Stories—Fleets. But, how exactly does Fleets work? Here’s what you need to know.

What are Fleets?

Fleets is a new feature on Twitter that lets you temporarily post tweets, photos and videos onto the feed. Y’know, for all those tweets you decided to write at 2AM, forgot to tweet in the moment and have been sitting there, desperately waiting for their sweet release, in your drafts. 

How can I see other people’s Fleets?

You can find Fleets by the accounts you follow at the top of your home Twitter timeline. 

How can people see my Fleets?

This also means that your followers can view your Fleets at the top of their timeline, but they can also find them by searching your profile. 

What can I post on Fleets?

You can Fleet texts, reactions to Tweets, photos and videos, as well as customise your Fleets with various background and text options—y’know, like IG Stories. 

You can also share Tweets as a Fleet by tapping the “share” button on a Tweet and accessing “Share in Fleet.” Which also begs the question: what does Fleets mean for the future of subtweeting and Twitter drama? 

Could we miss 50% of the drama as it unfolds simply because we weren’t online? Maybe! Could this mean we see far more subtweets now that they could be shared with the likelihood of the person behind it not even seeing it? Oh, absolutely. Especially once a Close Friends—or rather, Close Fleets—feature is added.

Twitter also plans to roll out stickers and live broadcasting to Fleets eventually, too. You can learn more about Fleets in the video here.

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