This Is The Greatest Harry Potter Romance According To Tom Felton

You'll never guess who...
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We should’ve known this was coming when we heard Tom Felton said he wasn’t crushing back on Emma Watson while they were filming Harry Potter. Tom has explained that there will only ever be one epic romance in the Potterverse. Ron and Hermione? Harry and Ginny? Cho and Cedric? WRONG ALL WRONG! According to Tom Felton, Ron and Draco share the truest love.
“Me and Rupert [Grint] have always had a thing.” Errr really Tom? Tom told Bustle that it’s also an on-screen romance: “Rupert has always had the hots for Draco. Draco’s always had the hots for Rupert. I have eternal love for him – as Tom and Rupert, not as Ron and Draco.”

LOL! We love this!!! Need more proof? Check this out…
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Well, guess it’s official then!

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