This Instagram Account Has Divided The Internet

Is this real?
Getty Images
The internet is a mysterious place sometimes. Like the party mix of fucked up jellies, you never know what you’re going to get. Today it’s offering up a pretty young gal who goes by the name of Miquela, and is so mysteriously attractive that people are wondering if she is real or fake. She’s racked up over 69,000 followers, all wanting to know the answer to one simple question: “Are you real?”

Umm… okay… sure! We can ask that question, or we can just look at this photo. Some IG users have suggested she’s a graphic designer who edits her snaps to look like animations, while others are adamant she is just a straight up cartoon.

I get that this is Kylie Jenner‘s heavily-filtered world and we’re just living in it, but unless this is some insane new filter that airbrushes you beyond recognition (KEEN if that’s a thing btw), then Miquela is probably just a fun project for an ~artsy~ person.
She regularly grams with bloggers who have upwards of 50K followers, so I’m guessing she’s just trying to be a bit of an alternate instafamous kid.
Well.. it worked anyway! Cos here I am talking about her and we are all #BLESSED by this random, pointless, viral story. Don’t you just love it?


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