This Harry Potter Theory About The Weasley Twins Is SO Interesting

History class just got better!
Warner Bros

Fred and George Weasley are undoubtedly two of the best characters in Harry Potter. Their constant smiles in dark times earned them a place in our hearts forever. But did you know they actually have historical twins themselves?!

So some of you may already know this but ALL of the Weasley fam are named after British royalty. There’s Arthur (ya know, sword in the stone guy), Bill (William), Ginevra (a form of Guinevere), Percival, Ron (the name of Arthur’s spear), Fred (Frederik) and George. Such a fancy family!

Where it gets really interesting though is this little bit of history that a fan noticed that relates to the twins. The theory is that Fred’s tragic death (that we still haven’t dealt with) was actually set in stone once George had his ear blasted off by a Death Eater!

Why? Bear with us… in real life history there was old mate King George III, who reigned in Britain in 1760, oh and he was deaf in one ear. The reason for his deafness was only because of the shocking early death of his brother, Prince Frederick. Crazy huh?! It was always meant to end like that. JK Rowling is so smart!

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