This Awesome Netflix Hack Legit Changes EVERYTHING


Despite the fact that there’s literally weeks worth of movies/shows on Netflix, we somehow still find ourselves with nothing to watch sometimes.

WELL. There’s some pretty exciting news for everyone who’s ever wished the streaming site would upload your ALL-TIME favourite movie or cult TV series.

The Business Insider has just brought to our attention that there’s a page on the Netflix website where you can request movies/shows that you’d like to stream!

All you have to do is head to the Help Centre, then select Request TV programmes or films and fill out the form.

“Have a TV show or movie you’d like to see on Netflix? Tell us about it below! This form is the one and only place to submit content requests,” the page says.

(Credit: Netflix)

Of course there’s no guarantee they’ll actually follow through with your request but the way we see it, if enough people ask for the same title, surely they’ll have to start streaming it!

We know what you’re thinking… “I can just fill out the form 1000 times for the same content.” Unfortunately, Netflix is one step ahead of you. They keep track of all requests so repeating your request won’t actually work.

They do, however, let you know if and when you’re lucky enough to have your idea picked by Netflix, which is something to look forward to. *submits every single thing I wanna watch on Netflix*

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