There’s A New Theory About The Harry Potter Sorting Hat That You Never Saw Coming

Yep, there's another one.
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The Harry Potter series may be done and dusted but the fan theories certainly aren’t. They just keep coming thick-‘n’-fast and we’re living tbh. 

The latest fan theory comes from Tumblr user ‘claudthecat’, who makes us question how does the Sorting Hat actually decide the newbies going into the four houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Hmmm…
Look sorry ’bout it Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw but we are all more interested in Gryffindor and Slytherin who are long time enemies, right? #HouseWars

Anyway, Slytherin house are the baddies and Gryffindor are the good guys, we all know that, but the theory has BLOWN our minds by shouting out that this in practise just doesn’t make sense. 


Check it: Peter Pettigrew who was in Gryffindor was so sly and evil in betraying Harry’s parents and framing Sirius Black for the crimes he committed. So, he sounds like a snake, right?! How’d he end-up in Gryffindor? 

Let’s also not forget how cowardly Ron Weasley looks throughout the series. How can he be from the brave and valiant Gryffindor?

Sorry Ron, we still love you! 😘

So does the Sorting Hat sort Hogwarts kids based on how their qualities are similar to each of the houses? Seems like all signs point to ‘NAH’!

The theory goes that the only way anyone gets into Gryffindor is to ask for it. Throwing it right back to Harry’s first day where he did exactly that and wound-up in the prime possie. 

There you go! 

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