Sad times, Netflix’s ‘The Society’ series was just cancelled

Another one bites the pandemic dust.

Yet another TV show has been cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but this one really sucks. Netflix has announced that it’s sadly cancelling The Society. Yep, we, unfortunately, might never find out what’ll happen to this bunch of teenagers stuck in their Lord Of The Flies-esque dystopia.

If you missed it, The Society follows a group of teenagers who are mysteriously transported to an uncanny copy of their wealthy New England town. The only hitch? The town doesn’t have a trace of their parents. Basically, they’re struggling to figure out what’s happened to them and how to get home. 

The series dives into the alliance making and backstabbing that goes on as they try to survive, touching on everything from their personal relationships to gender dynamics, race and power.

While it was initially renewed for a second season, Netflix has unfortunately had to cancel the keenly anticipated return. “We’ve made the difficult decision not to move forward with second seasons of The Society and I Am Not Okay With This,” Netflix said in a statement to Deadline

The Society cast included Kathryn Newton, Gideon Adlon, Sean Berdy, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Jacques Colimon, Olivia DeJonge, Alex Fitzalan, Grace Victoria Cox, Emilio Garcia Sanchez and Olivia Nikkanen. Unfortunately, getting everyone in the quite sizable cast back together and managing the added expense of new safety protocols presented a tonne of logistical issues.

RIP to The Society, Sabrina, I Am Not Okay With This and Katy Keene.


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