The Li’l Dance Goddess From ‘Dance Moms’ Grew Up Into A Mega-Bae!

Getty Images
So if you feel like taking a kinda epic trip down memory lane to the Lifetime series Dance Moms , you’re gonna remember Chloe Lukasiak. She was the young blonde dancer who had a bitter rivalry with Sia’s protégé, Maddie Ziegler.

It was all very dramatic of course…

Anyway, Chloe and her Mumma left the show in 2014, and it seems Chloe has been doing some epic growing up in the last two years.

She showed up at the Teen Choice Awards this week looking mighty fresh and put-together for a a bae of her age. Look still on point, though. 💅

Legit though, how can someone be so #perf just naturally smh?

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